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  • Remember, carefully read the materials provided which describe the:

    • types of coverage
    • what is covered
    • what is not covered
    • percentage of coverage
      (typically 80 percent of the allowed amount)

  • This will help prevent surprises in the future.
  • For instance, preventive care such as flu shots and annual physicals are NOT COVERED.

Supplemental Insurance and COBRA
  • Supplemental Insurance covers a portion (typically 70 percent) of the remaining Covered Medical Bills (typically 20 percent).

  • COBRA is available and can cover Dental and Vision.
  • If purchased it covers up to eighteen (18) months after which it is no longer available.

  • Remember, the vision coverage provides for one eye exam every year.
    Vision insurance only provides for one pair of glasses every twenty-four (24) months.
    Since vision coverage is only available for eighteen (18) months you need to carefully consider the value of this coverage.

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