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[IMG]c20091219 Larry with Gift.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 177K 
[IMG]c20091219 Larry and Erlene at Christmas Party.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 408K 
[IMG]c20091015 Keith Ron Larry WPAFB.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 180K 
[IMG]c20091015 Jim Larry at WPAFB.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 161K 
[IMG]c20090718 Larry and Ed looking for fire.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 316K 
[IMG]c20090620 Larry with Gift Card.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 284K 
[IMG]c20090620 Larry Eric and family.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 289K 
[IMG]c20090613 Waiting for the Wind.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 219K 
[IMG]c20090529 Larry Eric Roger.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 286K 
[IMG]c20090314 Larry with Winder.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 161K 
[IMG]c20080524 Larry.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 122K 
[IMG]c20080517 Larry and Ron at GMIS.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 224K 
[IMG]c20080210 With Gumby.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:12 46K 
[IMG]c20070811 Larry at Sod Farm.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 89K 
[IMG]c20070721 Rick and Robyn at North Coast.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 209K 
[IMG]c20070721 Larry in the shade.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 314K 
[IMG]c20070721 Larry at North Coast.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 495K 
[IMG]c20070707 Larry and Eric at Sod Farm.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 179K 
[IMG]c20070707 Larry.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:12 160K 
[IMG]c20070703 Kite Bag.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 131K 
[IMG]c20070630 Larry at Sod Farm.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 156K 
[IMG]c20070630 Dan and Suzanne at Sod Farm.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 150K 
[IMG]c20070630 Dan Suzanne Ron Larry.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 291K 
[IMG]c20070505 Larry at Sod Farm.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 185K 
[IMG]c20070505 Guys at Sod Farm.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:13 235K 
[IMG]c20011116 Tim.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:12 125K 
[IMG]c20010929 Tim.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:12 236K 
[IMG]c20010728 Tim.JPG21-Jun-2012 16:12 286K 

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